Stop talking. Start doing!

What is Think. Make. Start.?

THINK. MAKE. START. (TMS) is a two-week, practice-oriented, interdisciplinary and competitive teaching format in which students from all faculties can participate (credits are given individually related to the study program). It is organised by the different chairs of TUM, TUM ForTe, and UnternehmerTUM. You get access to the high-tech workshop Makerspace and a budget to transform your own ideas into real prototypes. The dense curriculum requires personal attendance.

You can find more information on our homepage (deadlines, dates, etc.).

When: Remember the application deadline! Please allow enough time for a convincing application document.

Who: All TUM master’s students

How: You need to apply via our application form, see details below. But first you have to select the role you would like to apply for. The core to any successful project in Think.Make.Start. is balancing the magic triangle of feasibility, viability and desirability. Therefore we designed three roles which will help every team to keep this balance. Choose according to your skills and preferences one of the following roles and convince your peers:

Business Developer

You are expert for business aspects throughout the whole project and you will be responsible for feasibility and viability dimensions. You conduct market and competitor analysis to identify potentials while being responsible for the business model. All aspects like financial aspects, development costs, organizational factors, laws and regulations must be considered while guaranteeing a sustainable cash flow based on the business model.

Main tasks

  • Creating a functioning business model
  • Defining a potential market

Problem Expert

You are expert of understanding the potential user's or customer's needs. Thus, you find and realize a suitable solution and are responsible for viability and desirability dimensions.

Main tasks

  • Exploring problem space to understand the problem of customer or user
  • Ensuring usability of solution and testing

Tech Developer

You are responsible for prototyping. By considering both desirability and feasibility, you will create a solution concept and prototype iteratively.
Scalability aspects from a technical perspective must be considered as well as costs on technical components, development and manufacturing of the MVP for the business model. When it comes to hard skills this category is made for:
  • hardware experts who love to get their hands dirty
  • software experts who love coding and developing stuff
  • mechatronic experts who have know-how in sensor systems and embedded systems

Main tasks

  • Creating a solution concept
  • Iterative prototyping and testing

Application Process

Choose the role and discipline for which you want to apply within TMS. Your application will compete against all the other applications within this category!

Compose what you think expresses best who you are and what you do. It can be a short video (<90 sec), a homepage, a portfolio, a pitchdeck, a piece of code, or your winning recipe for the perfect team in which you were the master chef (< 10MB).
Go on, upload it somewhere and post the link in the "Application Link" field. Only this link and your first name will be shared with your peers.

You get to review and rank other applicants: who do you think should join the course? So this is it, truly democratic: everyone votes and all are voted on.

Plus, you already get to know the people you might later want to have in your team. (because, pssst…the team is everything!!).

Things you‘d want to know at this stage:

  • We only use your TUM mail (looks like address to contact you. Please make sure you receive the mail!
  • Do not give out sensitive information in the shared application link: nobody cares about your address and birthday, for example.
  • Please also provide a CV. It is for internal and formal use only and will not affect your application process.
  • After the application closes, it's your turn again! You tell us who you want to work with. The TMS Orga Team chooses students for every discipline based on the ranking.
  • Only the TMS orga team sees aggregated rankings, and we don‘t collect who rated whom – so don´t worry, the peer ranking is anonymous, and nobody will know how you ranked and were ranked by your peers.

This is your chance! Don’t tell us why you want to be in the course – Show it to us!

* the rest we safely store in accordance with our GDPR compliant Privacy Policy